Monday, February 7, 2011

My Life as an Internet Celebrity: Part Four

Several videos have gone live. And I’ve been recognized—but only in the hallways of the Sears office building where I work.

In an elevator or a hallway: “Hey, it’s Corey!”

And I smile and nod. Because frankly, I’m not sure what I should say in the ensuing silence.

“Thanks! They’re a blast to do!”
“I hope you’re taking my advice! Just kidding!!”
“Ha ha, I’m not really Corey. It’s a character I’m playing!”

However, I don’t think anyone else in the world is watching these things. It’s a core group of Sears employees and a few of my friends. And my parents.

Each new video that goes up on Facebook gets a couple of responses underneath it, but a couple seconds of research reveals that the commenters all work at Sears.

The people who have watched them have had positive things to say, and it’s fun to be delivering some comic material. But I think it’s a lot of work being put into a secret. A viral campaign that has been successfully contained.

A friend of mine is the host of the new Chicago version of Cash Cab, and she posted on Facebook, with some amount of pride, that she had already been called a slut in the comments of her trailer on YouTube. No one cares enough about Corey to call him a slut.

But, we’re winding down. This is the final week before Valentine’s Day, and soon I will be able to shave off this scruffy beard I’ve grown for the project. I’ll be happy to be rid of it.

The finale has caused a little controversy.

What’s supposed to happen—and this was the plan from the beginning, even back when I auditioned—is that Corey loses his mind and takes a bunch of Craftsman® power tools and destroys a bunch of Sears Valentine’s merchandise.

Last week, we got word that the heads of the various Sears departments weren’t too keen on that ending. Which is understandable. A little late in the game, but understandable.

I’m not sure what will happen instead. It has to be figured out pretty darn soon. But there is talk, for some reason, of a bear costume.

Oh, and I’m finally a video game character.

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